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About me

My name is Gergely Kiss. I was born at 1985.04.26 in Budapest city in Hungary.

When I was a child I was already interested in sports. I showed suitability for swimming , later I drifted with the tide to the extreme sports because of the allurement for the adrenalin. I used to ride a bike in different styles (BmX Street, Downhill, Freeride). I have tried out many different sports:

  • Diving
  • Base Jumping
  • Wakeboarding
  • Snowboarding

Thanks to the other sport activities I have found a comprehensive picture from the different needs. Meanwhile I met with the bodybuilding and the other sports were slowly neglected. Now I have been doing this sport for more than 15 years. I made an exam to be a judge and a personal trainer int he IFBB alliance in 2008. I have worked with people since the beginning. Because they turn to me with different problems and I’m able to find answers to their problems.





“I’ve been training with Gary for the past few months, and it’s been fantastic.

Hy everyone my name is Zoé Larion. As a Beauty Consultant to be trustworthy is the most important, because I have to give advices for my clients about their bodys, and to where would be necessary to do plastic surgerys

Zoé Larion is a hungarian CoverGirl.  She won the "Blikk magazine" beauty contest in 2012 . "Ckm magazine" CoverGirl in 2012 "Playmate of the year" in 2012 After the contests and covers she started to work in the Tv show industry as a presenter women. A few years later Zoé  started to launch out on [...]