My name is Gergely Kiss. I was born at 1985.04.26 in Budapest city in Hungary.

When I was a child I was already interested in sports. I showed suitability for swimming , later I drifted with the tide to the extreme sports because of the allurement for the adrenalin. I used to ride a bike in different styles (BmX Street, Downhill, Freeride). I have tried out many different sports:

  • Diving
  • Base Jumping
  • Wakeboarding
  • Snowboarding

Thanks to the other sport activities I have found a comprehensive picture from the different needs. Meanwhile I met with the bodybuilding and the other sports were slowly neglected. Now I have been doing this sport for more than 15 years. I made an exam to be a judge and a personal trainer int he IFBB alliance in 2008. I have worked with people since the beginning. Because they turn to me with different problems and I’m able to find answers to their problems.

For me a trainer has to be authentic. Because of this ,I went to bodybuilding competitions. Wherever I went tocompare myself with the others, luckily I won them all, and gained tremendous experience about:

  • Competition Diet
  • Prepare for the stage


  • In 2014 at the Fittbalance event I got a gold grade in my category
  • In 2014 at the Fittbalance event I got a gold medal in the “open” category
  • In 2014 at the Superbody competition in the “grandprix”  category (largest category). I reached the 7. place
  • In 2014 I qualified myself for the (2015)  Arnold Classic Europ Championship

In the last few years I felt the need to open for the world, and for other sports. I created my own method/system, where I mix the different sports benefits, so I can do a quick and effective results on my clients.

I could work with actors from Hollywood, like Max Martini , Gonzalo Menendez, to prepare them for the scenes, and for the different caracters. I also helped to Jamie Foxx , and assisted for Chris Not in their workouts. I had the possibility to train with worldwide famous bodybuilders like Kevin Levrone, and Ulisses Jr  to increase my knowledge and to get better in my profession. Click for more Photos
I met Arnold Schwarzenegger , and this opportunity gave me extra motivation and energy to continue my work more seriously.
In Hungary I could help for many people from the SocialMedia & Music Industry ,for example.: Éliás Gyula , Larion Zoé , Müller Attila, Görög Zita, Erős Antónia

From 2016 I started to work with Online & Printed magazines : “PRESS” Click

and got the opportunity to write and publish many articles , and as a Professional Mentor to create different sport programs.

From 2018 I started a 3 month long Lifestyle Changer program with the well known hungarian Há magazine, more percisely with 3 journalists to record, and show for the reader their daily challenges and difficulties on their way to live a better and healthier life.  #ÉLETMÓDVÁLTÓ

Há – ÉLETMÓDVÁLTÓ/ Lifestyle Changer – Video Click

From this year a famous dietary supplement brand  Scitec Nutrition  started to help in my work, which is to help and motivate the people.

From 2018 I prepared two actors Ismael Cruz Cordova and  Julian Kostov for their caracters in the  Berlin Station series for NETFLIX.

In 2018 I helped for an actor Diego Boneta to get ready for his role in the new Terminátor Reboot movie.

From 2019 I started to work with the Treadstone series, and prepared two actors Brian J. Smith and Jeremy Irvine from the cast for their action scenes.

I love to give for the people… especialy to light up their eyes to see that’s never too late to do changes for a healthier life.

Because of the many other sports ,what I tried before, I got a full range of their different needs , to be successful in each of them. With these experiences in my pocket I help from the beginning of my career for the people, to reach their different personal goals.

Future Plans:  As a trainer to help, and motivate people, and to reach a bigger audience with my Press Contents Click,  and own Lifestyle Changer Programs Click

Personal Quotes:
“Many excuses … 1life!”
“Smile is your life”