Éliás Gyula Jr. Testimonial

When I would really give up the workout, then he motivates me like…

I love to go to Gergely Kiss’s sessions, because he is a really good expert, and he focuses 100% On me. When I’d really give up, he motivates me so good, that I can do many more exercises. At the end of the workout, I feel a pleasant fatigue, as if a roller had gone over me, but in a good way… I will be fresh.
He always knows when, and what I need during our workouts, and he is extremely emphatic. He inspires me with his positive personality, and  attitude, and I really like the workouts, and the conversations with him.

With his help I could start a lifestyle change, because, beside of our workouts he gives me nutritional advices. With him ,my everyday life is healthier, and more energetic. What’s more important is that I can be more successful in my job. As a singer the stamina is one of the most important ability, and with him ,mine  is getting better day after day, and I can use it well during my concerts.

Éliás Gyula Jr.