Attila Müller Testimonial

Weight Lifting? NEVER , or maybe? Because of I’m an “outdoor” person I like more those sports which I can do under the sky. So for me to get in a gym, and do some workout, it’s a tough job.


For me the weight lifting is a bit monotonous.

I know it is an essential part , to see some results on my body , and to be better in other sport activities… Alone I can’t do it.
Because of Gergő I had come to love the bodybuilding. And before somebody wants to say this isn’t a sport, please believe in me… it is. Exactly if somebody does this as a professional athlete and as a lifestyle. Gery does this… he is a Professional Trainer.
But the reason why I have chosen  him, Its not because of this .It’s because he can figure out all the time new trainin plans, new methods, and exercises, so I’m never bored, and this is what I really like.
He precisely knows how and when to motivate and force me, so I can bring out the maximum from myself.
I love that he is positive minded, smiles and gives a lot of energy.
He transforms the sweaty nightmare to an active relaxation
Even if I’m tired I don’t hesitate, I go and kill the weights!
Don’t look for others :
Kiss The Trainer !

Attila Müller